KLIM Tornado

par KLIM
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KLIM Tornado is our latest generation laptop cooler to take with you wherever you go.

Thanks to its innovative technology, it is smaller than the Cool + for a cooling always ultra powerful and fast. The size of a smartphone, it fits easily in your pocket.

Compared to the Cool +, the Tornado can be used on uneven surfaces thanks to its fastening system. The KLIM Tornado is equipped with unscrewable pads for better support.

  • EXTEND THE LIFETIME OF YOUR PORTABLE PC. Overheating is the # 1 cause of laptop crashes and performance declines. This cooler is a smart investment => no overheating of components => maximizes the life of your PC + boosts its performance. Save your PC from premature failure. ✔BONUS: Receive free email after purchase the eBook: 7 ERRORS TO AVOID not to kill your computer and lower its performance.
  • THE LATEST INNOVATION. KLIM Tornado is the nomadic version of Cool +. We want to be transparent with you: because of its smaller size, you lose 8% in power. But you gain mobility, it is 1.8 times lighter. The Tornado clings very easily to the laptop. If you intend to move or use your laptop on your lap or in your bed, we recommend the Tornado. They have 2 very distinct looks, it's up to you to see which one you prefer!
  • BUILD TO LAST + WARRANTY. When you have the KLIM Tornado, you will feel its quality of manufacture. It is built to last. It is extremely compact and will withstand transportation and falls. The KLIM Tornado is equipped with a latest generation Japanese mini engine to ensure maximum service life. 5 year warranty, rare thing in electronics. If you do not get the results you want, just send it back to receive your refund. It's a risk free purchase!
  • COMPATIBLE AVEC LA MAJORITÉ DES PC PORTABLES. Il est compatible avec les ordinateurs portables ayant une sortie d'air latérale pas plus épaisse que 3 cm (ce qui est le cas 95% du temps). Si votre ordinateur a une sortie d'air arrière ou latérale de plus de 3 cm, nous vous conseillons le Cool ou Cool +.
  • KLIM est le n°1 des refroidisseurs en Europe, il s’agit du coeur de notre métier. Pour le KLIM Tornado,nous avons mesuré une baisse de températeur moyenne de 18,9° dans nos tests laboratoire. La façon dont le KLIM Tornado fonctionne est qu’il agit comme un super ventilateur. Il évacue l’air chaud de votre ordinateur plus rapidement que le ventilateur interne de votre PC portable. Ceci permet un refroidissement rapide et efficace.

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